Friday, April 18, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Seeing Potential...

My dd, Amber telephoned me this morning to see if I'd like to go to a yard sale some friends of theirs were having today. Since the weather is 76 degrees and sunny, I decided it would be nice to get out an enjoy some it and going to a yard sale was the perfect way to do it! Little did I know that the yard sale was being held by mutuals friends and Amber wasn't aware that Don and I knew Matt and Laura, too, and Laura hadn't realized that Amber and Alexxis are my dd and grandchild. Although, we both have mention them often. Somehow, two and two never came together for either of us.

Laura was selling this set of two wrought iron and wood Longaberger® Woodcraft tables. I thought they'd perfect for us to use as nightstands beside our bed! So, I purchased them for $30 for the pair. A fresh new coat of paint, a little sanding, painting or re-staining {probably the latter} will breathe new life into them.

Here's one of the stands, temporarily placed beside our bed. For years, we've used TV trays turned sideways, as that is about all that we've discovered that will fit one on each side of the bed. I've searched and searched for actually night stands that would able to fit there with no luck what-so-ever. I figured if we truly desired them, we'd need to have them custom made and ordered. Anyways, after a good cleaning and refurbishing these, they will work as a great alternative. Well, until "some day" comes. For now, there's room enough for a lamp and a glass water on top of them!

The bedsides lamps are also on my "some day" to replace list. Of course, this little lamp will then be placed on top of one of our two dressers or swapped out completely with a different set that we own. That has been on our "to do" list for sometime, but never ranked up there in Priority!

At least not, until today.

After running a few other errands, we went to Alexxis ENT appointment. Poor thing has suffered a bout of 5 double ear infections since December, so her pediatrician decided it was time to refer her. Today, we were informed that there's a build up of fluid behind her eardrums and inserting tubes was recommended. The ENT desired to do the procedure on April 28th, but Amber informed him she wouldn't be able to do that to her since that is her birthday! and it was quickly decided that May 2nd would be a better day. In the meantime, we'll finish this round of strong antibiotics and pray that all goes well between now, then, and after.

Well, I'm off of here... going to go start preparing dinner. I believe we'll cook out on the grill since it is so beautiful outside. Just wanted to share my yard sale finds. I see so many other people posting on their blogs about their wonderful discoveries from yard sales, flea markets, and estate sales and sometime think, "I never seem to find things like that" but today, I did!

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