Tuesday, April 08, 2008

CED 2008 ~

Hello everyone! I haven't had much time to relax or even think about getting on the computer as the past two days have been absolutely beautiful here in Ohio! The temperatures finally made it up within the normal range for this time of year, high 50's -low 60's degrees F for a few days, so we took full advantage of them and managed to accomplish quite a lot.

On Saturday afternoon, I did a bit online browsing for a Suncast storage seat to store our jacuzzi chemicals within. I found many and checked the prices at a variety of websites. Although, I continued to hesitate ordering one, as I was searching for the best price and the lowest shipping costs. Can you imagine my surprise, when I picked up a week newspaper and spotted an Aldi's advertisement that contained a larger one far cheaper than the smaller one I had been looking at?

When Don arrived home that evening, we discussed it and decided to go check them out early on Sunday morning. Not only did we find one, but after making our way back home, putting away a few groceries we also purchased, enjoyed a light lunch, and assembling the first one, we loved it so much that we returned to purchase another one! We now have two and they will be perfect for storing our outdoor cushions in one and our chemicals and other items that we desire to remain dry in the other.

We also made a stop into Lowe's. Remember I mentioned desiring some palm trees in my previous post? I'd seen and priced some at our local Lowe's on our previous visit so we decided to go ahead and pick up a few of them now while we were in the area. Since we're still under Frost Adversaries until mid-May, I'm keeping the plants indoors until it is safe to move them outside onto the deck. I love how the additional of real live plants help to soften our living room, so I took these photographs this morning to show you:

This is the largest of the three palms we purchased. I tucked into the corner to soften that area, although it isn't as tall as it appears here. I placed the pot up on a small footstool to give it some additional height for the area.

The other palm isn't as tall or as bushy although it looks beautiful in one of our previously purchased Martha Steward hammered copper planters. I have two of these and believe we'll utilize them outdoors on the deck as well. Here's another view, closer up of the corner.

Right below and next to this palm is an electric socket in which I've placed a light-sensitive night light. The fronds of the palm casts some amazing shadows onto the walls and ceilings at night!

I also removed some of the brown silk lilies from the coffee table centerpiece and inserted another small pot. {Please forgive my blurry photo, but you get the idea!} The medium size container of primroses shown on the coffee table above were yet another purchase, along with the corn-like style of palm placed between the corner curio and the couch.

After putting these where they would be safe, eating a light lunch, Don and I began tackling the back deck. We removed everything that wasn't necessary to be there and then began power-washing it. In less than two hours, I had the 90% of that accomplished and I'll hit the outside fence and the outside of the deck railings later.

Since we had such wonderful weather, we decided to get out the patio furniture tables and chairs and I gave them a good spraying as well. Once the deck dried, things were place where they were going, we began staging the area, adding my table cloth, the table top candelabra, and the sun umbrella. Don worked in his garaged rearranging somethings while I worked on the deck and since we'd freed up so much more space within there. Anyways, I believe most of us know how that goes, once you get started, you don't want to stop but the evening light was starting to diminish. After cleaning the deck and ourselves up, making a few necessary return telephone calls, Don and I sat in the jacuzzi gazing at the stars. It was the perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day!

Monday morning also found us hitting the floor running. After we picked up Alexxis, we visited with my parents for a few hours. They enjoy seeing her and it gives us a wonderful chance to catch up with each other. Returning home and after Daddy picked up Little Miss, I raked the entire front yard, sprucing it up for Spring, while Don continued to work in his garage. He's loving his newly found space!

On the other hand, I hadn't realized just how hard I had been working working the past several days. After cleaning the front yard, I came in to get Don and I a nice, tall glass of cold iced tea. After returning to enjoy mine on the couch and the sound of my cell phone ringing woke me up an hour later! It was Don calling from the garage to remind me we'd be having dinner with his mom. We'd promised to take her out for a late-birthday dinner to the place of her choice. She choose Kentucky Fried Chicken and I was so relieved that I didn't have to cook! After an enjoyable meal, a short visit with Mom after returning her home, we made our way back home and it felt so wonderful just to sit down and relax!

We went to bed fairly early, around 10:30 p.m. and around 12:30 a.m. I realized just how dearly that nap cost me. I woke up, wide awake. I got up and read for a few hours, attempting to rest and be quiet so Don could sleep. He has been working just as hard as I have and I know he needed it. Around 4:30 a.m., I returned to bed and slept until he woke me prior to leaving for work at 11:00! Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit drained today, and lacking any energy to do much of anything. So, here I am, updating my blog. I do believe I'm going to go out and enjoy the jacuzzi in a few and pack up the cushions for the patio chairs; we've a thunderstorm headed our way later this afternoon.

Oh, and earlier today while checking my email, I learned the fabric I ordered on Saturday has shipped! It is expected to arrive on the Thursday. Perhaps, I'll get the sewing machine set up in the back part of our kitchen so when they arrive I can begin relaxing and working on the chair covers. Wish me luck on that, as I really am just winging it on creating them.

We're still in the process of creating our outdoor space. There's some additional work to be done and I need to waterproof it once again. But I promise I'll post some pictures of our progress soon, I'm excited about the possibilities of enjoying it --- well, whenever, Mother Nature decides to co-operate, LOL! Talk to everyone soon....

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