Saturday, April 05, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Taking a break from cleaning...

While cleaning our home today, my thoughts kept returning to decorating our deck. A few days ago, Don pulled one of our patio chairs out of storage so I could see what the new cushions would look like on them. I'm not so certain that was the wisest idea because now they are plaguing me. Oh, I love the cushions... it's the chairs that are bothering me! LOL! Does it ever end?

As we have have so much invested in the 7 pc. patio table and chairs and the 4 pc. bar set already, and they're not in bad shape, I cannot see us replacing them so I began brainstorming for ideas and solutions. Here is the style of our patio chairs:

My first thought was to paint the frames and slipcover the fabric! Painting them isn't really a necessity, in fact a good spring cleaning is all they really require. So, out comes the fabric measuring tape and I measure the chairs. The actual measurements are 18"W x 44" L. Of course, if I'm slipcovering them, I desire to cover the back as well, at least to the seat, so I'd need an additional 25" L for that --- these are actual measurements, so I'd need to add a few inches for seam allowances and hemming. Hmmmm, I thought...

I found myself browsing online once again and discovering this wonderful fabric! Isn't it pretty?

It's called Aruba Blue and is available at
It's 100% cotton, mildew and soil resistant treated 7 oz. cotton, not waterproof, and is is a 56"width. I figured two yards would cover two chairs, with some fabric remaining {approximately 16"x 72"} Perfect for creating a few pillows, creating a cover for the bar stool seats, etc. Anyways, let's just say that it didn't take me long to convince Don that I needed 7 yards of it, LOL! For less than $60.00, I believe this will be a big improvement! Won't it be beautiful with our striped seat cushions? I think so!

Also, while I'm still on the subject of our deck, we've decided against painting it this year. I believe we're simply going to power wash and waterproof it. I may end up painting a few of the area rugs I previously mentioned but for now, we're leaving it as it. It blends in with the natural landscape of our rear yard and the new fence so why tempt fate? The more and more I thought about the up keep of paint, the more I became convinced this is the way to go. Perhaps, I can spend the money I just saved on plants, LOL! I see some palm trees and flowers in my future...

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