Wednesday, April 09, 2008

CED 2008~ Baby Steps

Today was a perfect day! I accomplished every thing I set out to do --- although my main focus was on creating a relaxing environment for us to relax in after all the hard work we've completed the past several days. I decided to bring the potted palms outside so they could also enjoy some of the sunshine with me while I slipped into my bathing suit and enjoyed an entire 35-45 minutes of this earlier this afternoon. I tell you, that was pure heaven to my tired body and I exited the jacuzzi feeling like a new woman!

After drying off and getting dressed once more, I set about preparing dinner, whipping up a salad, prepping some pork loin slices with my special spice mix, dicing up a cantaloupe, and steaming some veggies. While I was inside working I kept thinking I'd love to be back outside so while the salad, cantaloupe, and meat were marinating, I decided I wanted to clean and fire up the grill!

Shortly thereafter, Don arrived home and helped me set the patio table. He got the grill lighted and while the chops were slowly cooking we opened and began to enjoy a bottle of California Zinfandel that we'd graciously received from Bob and Carmela earlier in the year.
With the time I spent earlier in the afternoon with my previous kitchen prep work it wasn't maybe twenty minutes longer and we were enjoying this with one another, chatting and laughing up a storm.

Afterwards, Don helped me with cleaning up, drying and putting away what few dishes I had to wash. Soon, we were back outside to enjoy yet another glass of wine while Chaos' demonstrated his artistic ability of wrestling rocks for us.

I swear our dog has some major issues! LOL!

As the sun began to set lower in the sky, we brought the palms back indoors, and decide to take a short drive around town, listening to some Nickelback, and simply being silly, before returning back home a little before 8 p.m. After about an hour and a half of TV watching, I fell asleep on the couch, only to wake up four hours later to realize that Don had long since gone to bed and I'm now wide awake.... again!

Knowing that sleep will elude me for a few more hours, I decided to upload the photos of our day today and post here for tomorrow --- which promises to be yet another busy day as I promised my mom I'd come over to wash down her kitchen for her. I don't know why I volunteer to do all these things, but Lord knows she doesn't need to be up on a chair or ladder attempting to do it herself. Trust me, it's far easier on me this way!!! Thankfully, Amber's off work tomorrow so I won't have Little Miss to contend with while doing this. Well, I believe I'm going to go read for a bit, as it helps to relax me when I get all comfy and cozy, soon I should be slipping in between the sheets and snuggling with my hubby for a few more hours of sleep.
***Night all and sweet dreams......***

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Lisa Renéa said...

Fabulous table scape! Love the colors, you've picked for the cloth & I can see a peek of the cushion, too!
Oh, I long for warm days, here! I'm south of you and continue to have these 30 & 50 degree days!