Friday, April 04, 2008

Yesterday, I browsed online for white-washing techniques to apply to the fence surrounding the jacuzzi and the deck railings. It seems there's a variety of ways to achieve that, from using water-down white exterior paint to purchasing actual outdoor stains. I'm thinking since I'm DIY'ing it, I am preferring the latter. It is definitely going to be a while before we can actually get started but when the time is right I hope I make the right decision.

And, speaking of right decisions, have ever noticed that when you are planning things out, thinking of all your choices, making the decisions, that the doubts began to surface as well? All those "what if's?" --- "what if?" it looks tacky; "what if?" I cannot paint a decent mural; "what if?" I'm way out of my league here? Before I know it, more things to consider begin to arise. Yesterday's thoughts were certainly no exception for me. I suddenly began to wonder about the color of our dining table, the chairs frames, the fabric on the chairs, and the color of our umbrella! Will they work with this color scheme? They are neutral in color but I'm uncertain about them now. I suddenly realize that purchasing a new set isn't an option. Besides, they aren't unusable, so I spent some time considering how to assist with tying them all in. As I considered those thoughts, I decided to "wait and see" before I do anything, but that didn't stop me from searching for possible solutions! Since they table and chair frames are metal, they could be spray painted inexpensively if needed. The fabric is attached in the frames, so creating a slipcover them is probably the only option. Suddenly, I began to feel a renewed sense of reassurance: somehow, someway, this will all work itself out! After all, we have a lot of options.

Feeling a fresh sense of confidence, I began thinking about paint color choices for the deck boards. I really like the thought of using blue... a marine blue; nothing too bright or over the top, although Glidden's Turquoise Mist is one beautiful color! I suddenly begin to wonder if it would too much? I begin to see that "what if?" pattern emerging again, and decide to take some time off! Sometimes, I begin to over-analyze everything, begin to feel overwhelmed, and think about throwing in the towel! Well, I'm too far into this game to allow that to happen so giving my thoughts some time to settle in is what I need. Thankfully, there's a lot of prep work that will need to be made before most of this can happen; that will provide me the perfect opportunity to collect and organize my thoughts.

With that thought in mind, I began making a "to do" list consisting of power washing the deck, clearing it off, and creating a step-by-sweet-step list. I feeling more confident already! In the meantime, while waiting for the weather to break, I have time to do more research and decision making. I know we'll get there!

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