Sunday, May 25, 2008

Been busy...

Life certainly has a way of interfering with the dreams and desires of my heart! Thinking I'd be the "good daughter" that I am supposed to be, Don and I stopped by my parent's home the other night, expecting to "just visit" and see how a redecorating project they've been working on was coming along. You'd think I'd know by now that this is dangerous territory for me, as somehow I always seem to be volunteering my time and services. Needless to say, I certainly got put to work!

My parents recently had a new roof put on their home. A much needed roof, that after a year of so patching and repairing led to replacing it. Along with the roof, ceiling tile in the living room also needed to be replaced, and "hey! while we're at.... Let's paint the ceiling throughout the living room and the adjoining hallway." No, I didn't help with those projects, my father did them, but I did help my dad the next day with removing a pull-down style attic stairway so that it could be replaced. An old painted and peeling board promoted its removal from their home. The problem laid with the manufacturer of the said product utilizing rivots vs. screws so that the entire thing had to be removed and replaced, vs. simply replacing one piece!

Before I make "my great escape", my Mom requested my assistance with helping her wash down her entire living room. Now mind you, she's now in her early 80's, so there's thoughts of saying, "No." So, the past two days have found me climbing up and down a ladder, scrubbing walls, moving furniture, vacuuming, shampooing carpets, assisting with the removal of a chair and an end stand. You'd think that would be enough, right? Oh no, there's more and it keeps getting better...

I've now offered to measure a cabinet to see it if will fit where the chair was previously located, and if it fits in the desired space, Don and I will be bringing the cabinet back downstairs of our home {the same cabinet he just moved from my studio less than a week or so ago...} and will be loading it up, along with an end stand that we're no longer utilizing in our home and taking them over for them to use. Along with that, I'll be going back over on Tuesday to begin washing down paneling in their adjacent hallway.

So, much for my thoughts of starting to work on my Row House Swap and figuring out what materials and supplies I love to utilize to create myself one of these to display within my studio.

I'd like to believe that there will be "plenty of time" to create all these things later, but somehow in my life, "later" never seems to come, LOL! I suppose this is going to be another one of those projects that comes together "bit-by-sweet-little-bit" and I'll have plenty of time to think about what supplies I desire to use!

The "good news" is, my mom decided she needed to take a few days off from all of our hard work and efforts. Perhaps, by Tuesday, I'll be able to walk without pain! LOL!
The things we do for love! {smiles}

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ohiofarmgirl said...

Wow, you have been busy. We have been working on repairs at our rental properties and believe me it is not fun either. Hope you have a nice rest from helping your Mother. Dianntha