Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vintage Image Share

Here's a few more vintage photographs and postcards from my personal collection. Please feel free to click on them to enlarge them for your own resizing and saving for use in your artwork.

Inscribed on the back of this postcard, in what appears to be German to me is "Rothenburg ob der Tauber" Jakobskirche - Foto Verlag, Hiuldenbrand Goppingen, Best Nr. 5436

This is another postcard. It is of a Inscription of a Tablet, originally placed over the door of the Second Trinity Church, located at Broadway and Wall Street in New York City. I thought it would be wonderful for collage backgrounds.

This is another postcard of the Cathedral of St. John The Divine, New York City. The postcard states that it was published by the Laymen's Club of the Cathedral in 1923.

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liannallama said...

These are awesome images--thanks! And the story about your DGD was hilarious!