Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Artist Studios

Have you seen this magazine?Isn't it gorgeous? I love seeing where other woman create. The atmosphere of the studios, whether it be a closet, a small established area, or an entire room or building.

One day last week, I needed to run into our local Hobby Lobby to purchase a ball of jute so that I could begin creating a hanger for the hand-blown glass orbs that I'd previously purchased from Arhaus. I probably have a ball of jute somewhere within my studio but I also knew I would have no conceivable idea of where to even begin to look for it, so I found myself keeping them wrapped in the tissue paper within the shopping the bag and moving them from one area of our home to another when I needed them out of my way. What a pity! Those orbs are so pretty and here I was not enjoying them the way that I should.

To add insult to injury, when I was approaching the checkout counter, I spotted this issue of Cloth Paper Scissor's Studio publication and guilt instantly struck again! My studio is another "neglected" area of my life so I purchased this issue hoping it would inspire me to begin once again to put my studio back into order. I know it's a shame to have a studio, a ton of supplies, and not be utilizing them the way that I could or should be. Over the last several years, I have really been limiting the amount of supplies that I purchase, mainly for that reason, and the fact that I'm running out storage space for what I already owned. Hell, I even had to check my blog archives to see and determine when the last time was that I actually created anything there, as I am notorious for going out to the studio, grabbing what supplies I need and dragging them back into our home to use them. I'd box them back up, and return them when the clutter become too much for me here. And those boxes filled with supplies are still sitting there! Isn't that sad?

In my February 2007 archives, I discovered some pictures of when my dad and I worked out butts off to remove four tables so that we could reconfigure the space to and create a center island for me to use. That project took us several days to complete. I remember thinking how cool it was going to be and how I would set up that area so that I could create there more efficiently! I worked in the studio for a few weeks on re-organizing the supplies that I own, hoping to become more efficient and actually begin to use what I own vs. simply storing it. I sewed up curtains to assist with creating a visually calming space for me to create within. I knew seeing that clutter bothered me! [But not nearly as much as the clutter that is there now!}

A few weeks later, my daughter moved and I offered to allow her to store some of her things there and my studio was never the same afterwards. I simply couldn't move and get to the things that I wanted because there was almost something in the way! Boxes and boxes of stored items. About six months ago, Amber moved and along with her went 3/4 of those boxes. Perfect! I thought... now I can get my studio back, but the truth is that never happened either. Instead, I got wrapped up in our living room redecorating and furniture and other items got taken out and stored there and now, those items are also in my way!

Needless to say, the guilt of storing all this "stuff" has been eating away at me. In my mind, I see the beautiful space that that I was hoping to create there and surrounded by the artwork that I had hopes of creating. The truth is, none of that happened either!

The truth is... IF I don't do something to rectify this situation now, I don't know when I ever will. So today, I've decided I'm getting off my butt, I'm going out there, and I'm going in! I don't know what or how much much I'll actually get accomplished, but I know that I need to do something to rectify this situation. Not only do I want to create a beautiful studio for me to create within, I want to begin a new routine of actually creating there! I know in my heart that neither of these things are never going to happen unless I begin to work on it now. So, if I disappear for a while and I don't post here as often, please know that I'm working there. Perhaps, as I begin and I begin to make some progress, I'll post some photographs to share once again. Right now, I really have my work cut out for me!

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Lisa Renéa said...

Cathy, I feel your pain in regards to the studio/boxes, etc! I love this mag and even blogged on it a week or so ago. I hope they keep it as an ongoing publication. I also love the book, Where Women Create.