Thursday, May 29, 2008

CED 2008

I don't have any pictures to share today but I've definitely been creative lately. If you consider washing down more walls of my parent's home creative, LOL! I believe it qualifies as we're creating a beautiful places to live within, in both of our homes.

On our home front, I've been cleaning and organizing a bit more. I cleaned out two dressers and my closet yesterday. It feels good to be able to make space in my life for the things to come.

While returning some of supplies back to my studio, I came across my art easel, where I had previously tucked inside the upstairs doorway. I excitedly to return it to the studio, with dreams of collaging and embellish ing some canvases. I need to remember to pick up a few on my next visit to Dick Blick's or Hobby Lobby but in the meantime, I've plently of supplies to work with on items that I've desired to create for some time now.

Yesterday, I cooked up the best Pepper Rustica I've ever made in my life! After a nice dinner, Don and Shane installed our window air conditioners while I found some time to relax and pour through some of my favorite old magazines. As I stumbled upon some quotes and some reading that I liked, I grabbed my journal and began writing within it. I've almost filled half of it with the breathings of my heart and all within less than two months! Quite an accomplishment for me!

My thoughts have been on creating a new altered book, but I haven't began gathering supplies yet and I'm seriously considering beginning an art journal techniques book, filled with notations of supplies and techniques with an example of each used in a piece of art. I've been thinking it would be very easy to come together if I simply created something to add to it as I start back to working on creating more artwork. What's creating one more thing as I work?

Today, I'm heading out to the studio to finish cleaning and organizing the shelving and office area of my studio. Don works today and my dad will be working on painting their crown molding for their living room, so it will be a day or so before my assistance is required to get it re-hung.

I've decided it's time I took advantage of the time inbetween all of that to accomplish something that I'd love to do! I'm remaining hopeful that I can at have the bases for the Row House Swap cut out and perhaps get started on some of the design elements before I head out of there today. Perhaps, I'll have something I've accomplish to share soon...

{Oh, before I forget, I'll scan some more of the contents of the box soon... I want to get out in the studio now --- gotta strike while the iron is hot, LOL! Look for more images soon...}

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