Saturday, May 31, 2008

CED 2008

Here's another vintage image that I have to share. I've more to add, I've just been very, very busy so there's been little time to scan and crop them in. Perhaps adding one with every post will help get them into my computer for using. Feel free to snag this one and the previously posted images for use in your artwork.

I spent a good portion of my day on Thursday cleaning and re-organizing my studio. I'm happy to say that the office area is finished! I'm down to having two large boxes of supplies items that are in need of being sorted and then, put away in their perspective permanent homes. I have a little bit of dusting left to do, but it requires the use of a ladder so I decided to be a bit cautious and what until Don was home and around before I climb --- just in case... I don't believe laying on a concrete floor injured and waiting for hours for help to arrive would be of very much fun!

I've only a few more items left in our home to bring out to the studio --- mainly my stamps, a few ink pads, and my colored pencils. Very easy to grab on any trip out there. The difficulty will come once everything is there and squeezing them in with the existing supplies. I know it will take some time to organize things once again so I'm attempting to finish up all the other things I have going on before I even attempt that. The good news is there's a place to set things until I can get to them and I'll be able to utilize the space to work while I'm waiting. I'll capture some photographs of those areas soon.

With all the coming, going, and doings --- my back and neck flared up once again. So, I spent some time in the jacuzzi, sweeping all the maple seedlings {helicopter thingies} off our rear deck once again. I bet I've cleaned them off my deck and patio furniture a dozen times already and do not ever remember them being such a pain ever before! Perhaps, our memories are greater than we ever truly believe and its that ability to block out the painful things like childbirth, car accidents, and yes, even those pesky helicopters, LOL!

Anyways, while eating the heck out of Tylenol and resting, I've accomplished a lot more journal writing! One of my journals is a 1/3rd of the way filled! Quite an accomplishment in only a month. I believe keeping up with this blog for the last four years has finally installed in me the fact that great things can be accomplished in little spurts of time!

Today, I'm cleaning the home front, finishing up the last load of laundry, and hoping to get Little Miss' bedroom curtains sewn up later today. The "Spongebob" fabric is currently in the dryer...

Our weekend {Sunday and Monday - as those are Don's days off }plans include a little get away, if the weather co-operates. I'm ready for a day adventure, perhaps a little bit of shopping and a nature hike somewhere along the way.

Whatever you're doing, may you enjoy it to the fullest!

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