Saturday, May 31, 2008

Family Home - Est. 1862

While waiting for the fabric for Alexxis' curtains to dry, I got sidetracked! I headed out to the studio to attempt to create the top of this piece for use on the Row House Swap and well, one thing lead to another before I realized what was happening, I had created this. I love it and just by chance, it is the exact same size as the previous house that I created for my almost daily journal so many months ago. So, I'm saving this one for use on the backside of that one.

I also dug out my crazy quilt throw. Seeing it once again, I'm now inspired to get to back to patching it the rest of the way... after I finish my Row House swap! I'm so glad I did go to the studio, while creating this piece of artwork, I quickly realized just how rusty my paper art skills are getting --- there's a reason for that saying, "use it or lose it." I'm just ecstatic to discover that I haven't completely lost those skills yet, even if there is always room for improvement!

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Lisa Renéa said...

Great row house, Cathy! thanks for sharing & hosting the swap!