Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - Another "Book As Art" and an update

I'm happy to say that our home is really beginning to come together with all the attention that Don and I have so lovingly lavished upon it over the course of the past several months. Yesterday, I focused my attention on the nursery/laundry/computer room, washing, drying, folding and hanging clothes; dusting, sweeping, and straightening. I'm happy to now be able to say that 99.1% of all my art supplies have now been returned to my studio --- where I fully intend for them to stay!

Last night, while watching re-runs on TV, I wrestled with the urge "to create something" when I remembered an old paperback book that somehow didn't make the trip out to the studio. So I decided to fold the pages and create yet another piece of book art. I'm beginning to accumulate quite the collection! When I tire of these books inside our home, I suppose one day they'll grace the shelves and bookcases of my studio. I discovered the example of this one online at
although, I've seen similar styles online previously and thought why not create one this way? So, there it is.... displayed on a glass shelf in our living cabinet. I love the way this collection of books are reflected in the mirror, although it makes it a bit challenging to photograph them.

I've also got some, "Good News! Bad News!" to report. Scott returned our Jeep Cherokee to us on Tuesday evening. It seems a coupler {sp.?} broke on or near the transfer case, causing the Jeep to jump into 4 wheel drive. I'm not certain what all he did to "fix" it but something about disabling the 4 wheel drive and configuring the computer to the transmission. Anyways, our Jeep is drivable {Yeah!} and Don says it handles like a dream! The "bad news" {why does there has to be such a thing?} is that we'll need to replace/repair the transfer case, if we ever want the 4 wheel drive back. Arghhh! So much for driving in Ohio's winter weather, I suppose... but let's not borrow tomorrow's troubles today, okay?

All in all, we're doing good... we have our health and one another. My sister, Mary and her family will arriving on Friday for a week's vacation with us and our family. Don and I both looking forward to seeing them again and this will Don's and my parents first time of meeting my sweet BIL, Tim. I'm certain that they're gonna love him. Today's agenda is to get out and enjoy some of this wonderful sunshine. You know you gotta grab it between the raindrops and thunderstorms when you live in Ohio, LOL! Chat more soon........ {smiles and waves}

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