Saturday, June 07, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - Spilling...

Sometimes, I've just gotta pour out the contents of my heart, or in this case, thoughts scrambling and scurrying around in my head. Not desiring to spill my recently sour mood out onto anyone else, I turned to writing in my journal. For years, I've admired some journal writer's who are able to pour out their heart and soul onto the pages and have always wondered what it would be like to be so.... unguarded. I guess that this the best word to describe it. Normally, I tend to be a bit cautious with what I say, do, and yes, even what I may write in my journals just because I may not ever know who may one day read the words that I've written. Then, I wonder if the person reading would ever find bits of tiny tid bits written about themselves, or even if they'd be able to understand some of my thoughts or feelings. Well, being in my "sour" mood, I through all caution out into the wind and let it all out. IT'S PROBABLY THEE MOST LIBERATING THING I COULD HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF!!! Now, I know what "spilling' is, LOL! It truly felt wonderful and I even discovered a way to reveal only what I desired to reveal without going into all the sordid details.

What a week! Is all I can truly say!

Scott contacted Don earlier this week. It seems "something" in or on our Jeep's transfer case broke, so it had been slipping in and out of 4 wheel drive while we were driving! No wonder we felt as if we were losing the drive shaft and the bolts on our seats could break at any possible moment. It is still up in the air whether or not the transfer case will need to be completely replaced, or if there's a way to temporarily fix it so it can be driven in 2 wheel drive only. Neither of us look forward to having to go through replacing a transfer case in a Jeep again. We've been down that road once with the '92 model; now with the '98... wouldn't you thing 6 years would be enough time for the manufacturer to get their act together? Oh well, such is life, I suppose... guess we'll know more on the status of it later and thankfully we have Don's truck to rely on, "ole' faithful." It may not look like much but it gets us from point A to B and back! Gotta love that! and it certainly beats being stranded out on some country road!

On Wednesday, while I was finishing up washing down walls and a variety of other things at my parents home, a water line broke while my parents were swapping out a set of washers and dryers. I'll just say the "aftermath" wasn't pretty as all of us there seemed to be frazzled beyond belief. At that point, I wanted to crawl into the nearest hole and hide for awhile, LOL! {After our departure, my parent's did get manage to get the lines repaired without any further incident.}

I also got one of those "phone calls" --- you know the ones that you really don't want to receive... that someone passed away. In this case, it was Chris' grandmother, who also was the mother of a an old friend. I haven't spoken to in years, after we had a major falling out. Anyways, long story short, my presence was requested to assist with Alexxis and it was suggested that I should "pay my respects" since I've known the family since early childhood and over the years. So, needless to say, going to Pat's funeral on Thursday brought up a lot of suppressed memories and mixed emotions, so I took a couple of days off from everything --- just to rest, relax, and focus on me!

And that, my friends, is my intention today! Rest and Relax! Don is out the house and will gone all day, so I have time for some much needed R&R. Our home and any and all obligations will simply have to wait, but I thought perhaps I should check in. I don't know who reads my blog, unless they leave me comments, but so you know... I'm fine and doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. We'll chat soon, okay?

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