Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just a quick post...

My sister and her family have arrived for their vacation with us on Friday. On Saturday, we celebrated our dad's 81 st birthday at our home. It was a fabulous time spent with my parent's children, our brothers and sisters, their children, and their children's children... all together I believe I counted 12-14 great- grandchildren? We cooked out on the grill, everyone brought and contributed something to add to the feast, and there was a lot of "remember when" going on. The weather co-operated wonderfully and a good time was had by all.

On Sunday, Don and I escorted Tim, Mary and family around to some of our favorite shopping and eating establishments, purchased a Father's day gift for our dad, and returned in the evening to visit once again with our parents.

On Monday, we all sort of did our own thing --- each of us off in different directions, only to meet up again yesterday at our parents for a small pizza party and pool shooting. {My sis is a pretty good "pool shooter" and I was amazed as she hasn't played on Dad's pool table for years!}

I'm continuing to keep up with my journal writing and received Lisa Renea's {from the
Row Houses for the swap in the mail yesterday. Lisa's Row Houses are amazing and she's offered a few "sneak peaks" on her blog. I am looking forward to getting back to creating more of my own for the swap later this week. Well, I've a few emails to reply to and a few groups to check in with so I'll post again later.... until then, Live Life Creatively! {*waves*}

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