Thursday, July 10, 2008

CED ~2008 - EVIDENCE - of a "Somewhat" artistic life...

Besides cleaning our home, sharing our time together, playing with Chaos, working on the Row House Swap, I've started documenting some of our daily adventures and misadventures within my new sketchbook as I continue to write more within the pages of my journal.

I'm still attempting to fill up the first journal that I purchased in May, haven't touched the second one, nor have I written the first word in the third one I've purchased, but I know little by little, I'll get them filled. It's a blessing just knowing that there, waiting....

I've been attempting to do so sketching in my sketchbook to correspond with some of the written entries contained within the written journal, although I'm uncertain if I'll continue to do so. I love have a "visual" reminder, especially when I forget to grab my camera!

The page below was created last night, after friends of ours had returned home. After a few, last minute clean-ups, I tucked myself in on the loveseat and began drawing this --- so I wouldn't forget the day!

I've yet to make it into the studio to gather up some additional supplies, so I'm working only with a pencil, pen, colored pencils, stamps, and one "almost" dried out black ink pad that is in dire need of re-inking but I love the way the pages are coming along so far... it certainly beats the blank pages!!! LOL! I'm excited to see what waits around the corner, how each and every page that I turn and create upon will come out, and once I settle more into a routine of creating once again, I hope to begin to explore with more and more techniques.

Today, promises to be and become yet another beautiful day here in Ohio. The current temp is 76 degrees as the afternoon progresses we'll climb into the low 80's. I love these cooler summer days, the ones where the humidity isn't so bad, you don't want to venture out of doors. We've some errands to run this afternoon and will work out in the yard early this evening. In the meantime, I'm going to begin working once again sewing on more patches on my crazy quilt throw. I figure, if I add" a patch here" anda patch there", before you know it, I just may just one day, get it done!

Whatever your plans are for the day, I hope your heart is happy, your hands are busy, and your soul soars!

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