Thursday, July 24, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - Inspiration...

On Tuesday evening, I poured through the contents of the large zip lock bag that I'd brought into the house to further investigate. My mind whirled with instant inspiration of how I could utilize this, that, and the other items into my artwork. Since I was feeling so inspired, I once again poured through the pages of my Art Idea Journal RR that I had completed a few years ago with 17 other participants and my mind whirled and twirled some more! It was hard attempting to concentrate on the movie, "Definitely, Maybe" and America Got's Talent when all I really desired to do was run out to my studio!

To add to the re-discovering of inspiration, our road trip into Walnut Creek, Ohio yesterday really sent me over the top! We revisited the 'Tis The Season - a Christmas shoppe and I asked if I could take pictures. Granting me permission, it seems like I took a ton! This morning I uploaded all of the pictures, cropped, and digitally enhanced, those worth saving anyways. I'll try to put all my thoughts and feeling into words as I work to create several posts for them --- there's simply too many and my mind is still a whirlwind! Today, I hoping to sit and create a few sketches of what I desire to begin creating --- while those memories are still so fresh in my mind's eye. I'll post again soon and I promise some pictures.

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