Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CED ~2008 - Just In From the Studio...

I made it out to the studio after posting previously. What an adventure that was! As I was rummaging around searching for some of the items that I desired to add to my traveling sketch briefcase and only finding a few of the items I desired, I began rummaging through some boxes of supplies, odds and ends, that I had left to sort through when I was all about re-organizing my studio. Talk about "A Trip Down Memory Lane", I was on a journey! I don't think I've ever heard myself exclaim "OMG!" so much in my entire life.

I discovered so many bits and pieces from my past. Artwork from internet friends, bits and pieces of artwork that I've created, items from swaps, baggies filled with this, that, and the other that I had previously gathered up for one project or another. After awhile, I was all finding more "discoveries" and at one point remembering thinking, I should never say that, "I'm bored." as I've collected so many things with the intention of completing or doing something with them. I discovered cigar boxes, I desired to use in some assemblage work; old chipboard coasters that I intended to collage upon and assemble into a book. And speaking of Books! there's some of them, too. Handmade books that I had forgotten entirely about creating and some even filled with some of my writings.

I came across a large baggie--- a gallon sized ziplock, filled with collage items from magazine clippings, puzzle pieces, dominoes, game pieces and more artwork from friends. There were envelopes I'd saved --- addressed to me and even a few things from 2002/2003 when I participated in a few exchanges on Postcard X! OMG! Talk about memories!

Well, needless to say, I gathered up that baggie after putting everything back into that I'd dug out while rummaging through it, to bring it back inside with me for some further investigation. That is when it hit me, I should really use this stuff in the altered book that I've been desiring to create.... there is at least a decade of collected items of some sort or another. I'm thinking that I'll jot down some notes in my current written journal as I go through the contents of this baggie. I'm hoping that just as seeing these items once again as I did in the studio will continue to jar my memory of so many things I've forgotten over the past several years so that I can record some of those thoughts and feelings as I begin to work on creating this altered book in the fall.

I'm even thinking that I want to organize my studio now!!! Just so I can discover some more of those little memory- joggers, perhaps putting all the little parts and pieces in one large box and using some old ziplocks and baggies to organize them as I go. While in the studio thinking these thoughts, I remembered the perfect book to use for this. Years ago, when I met one of my best friends ever, Rebecca who once owned and operated Scrap and Stamp Ink, I remembered when Don and I had stopped in to see and visit with her and she had this large, thick book on her playroom table that she had offered to me. I'm thinking the book was on college scholarships or something, as her girls werestill in high school at the time. This book will be perfect as I can create some niches within it, remove as many pages as I need to accommodate all the things I desire to adhere or wire in. I'm so excited!!! I feel as if this is the book that I am destined to create and I'm really looking forward to starting it now!

But first things first.... I did gather up a few of the sketching supplies that I wanted to add to my traveling sketchbook case. I didn't find everything that I was after, but I've made a good start and I'm now excited about re-organizing my studio, which needs to be done, in the process!

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