Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CED ~2008 - Loving This!

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time with my favorite girl! We snuggled on the love seat watching Noggin, gave one another lots of hugs and kisses, laughed at Chaos playing "golfing" and had a wonderful time!

When Papa returned home we decided to have dinner out at Bob Evans. Alexxis was wonderful! She choose to have "mac-n-cheese please" and smiley face potatoes. When our waitress arrived with her a cup of chocolate milk, she said, "Thank you, Mommy!" and laughed, instantly realizing her mistake.

When we were all set to leave, Alexxis not only waved "good-bye" to our waitress, but blew her a few kisses as well. She's such a sweet child and her manners are wonderful! Mommy and Daddy are doing a very good at raising her up right.

After a short nap, {she fell asleep on the ride home}, I woke her up to play for a while. Here she is riding her train which she's quickly outgrown, but turning it around is breeze. Just stand up, pick it up, and turn, LOL!

Did you notice those "legs"? It's so hard to believe that she's only 2 year and 3 months old! She's definitely going to be tall like her daddy!

Before taking her home, we took a walk around grandma's house and out into the back yard. She had to stop and smell the flowers, point and say, "birdies", and actually repeated, "Robin" as plain as day. She's growing up so quickly and I'm loving her at this stage in life. It's amazing just watching her explore the world, relate to people, and loving animals, bugs, and nature. I'd just like to slow down the clock and keep her this way for a little while longer!

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