Saturday, July 26, 2008

Christmas in July...

These photographs were captured inside 'Tis The Season, a shoppe in Walnut Creek, with permission. This place is so magical as it inspires me to continue adding to our own Christmas season collections and add to the miracle of the season within our own home. Every time we visit, I see something new, something that inspires me with decorating our own home, either with store boughten items or those that I could re-create with my own two hands. The inside sparkles with lighted trees, glitter glistens, and the sights, sounds, and smell of Christmas surrounds you. Each and every tree is designed around a theme, be it color, texture, or use of themed ornaments. I can assure you that this shoppe offers something for everyone regardless of your own home decor and style. 'come on... let's go look at some of these beautifully decorated trees....

I loved so many of the color schemes and this one was no except... the use of copper, gold, and a smidgen of red. I loved the unique tree toppers that the staff here or the designer's create, the use of oversized ornaments, the white lights that seem to twinkle as everything else glitters and glistens. Surrounding each and every decorated tree there are baskets of the items used to decorate the trees while additional ornaments available for purchase hang nearby on display boards of one sort or another.

The tree, above, was themed and titled, Gold, Frankincense, and Myrth, and so appropriate so. I loved this tree! Everything about it, simply shines. From the tree top of shiny stemmed sequins, to the ribbon that was tucked here and there that ran through it. And the ornaments...oh la-la! I really was drawn to the use of big sized ornaments, the glittering balls and ornaments, and the use of glittered edged, over-sized roses. I purchased 6 of the gold glittered palm-style fronds that decorated this tree and one glittered cross that surrounded the base of this tree as our already own ornaments are a mix of golds, burgandy, hunter green, and deep, dark blue although over the years, we keep adding more and more color to it.

Here is another color scheme that I loved with it's lime green, gold, and touches and shades of a variety of whites. Isn't it pretty? Some of the ornamanents on this tree are pearly whites and in a close up of this photograph, it appears that there's touches of aqua and purple. I think it's reflections of some of the surrounding trees, even if that combination would work quite well.
Let's venture on... shall we?

{*I'm breaking these photographs up as I am uncertain of how long it will take for each of my blog entries to load... there's more...}

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simple~needs said...

great pics!! i really enjoy the different christmas themes.