Saturday, July 26, 2008

A "Hodge-Podge" of images from 'Tis The Season...

I never imagined when I began uploading these photographs that they'd span across a couple pages within my blog... So, if you love Christmas, as much as I do... be certain to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of the page...

This one is for all of us "Snowmen" or "Snow-women" lovers out there. This shoppe offers a wide variety of different style snowmen. Although, I actually captured this photograph for several reasons... I obtained eight of these glass shelved modular cubes years ago when I purchased my studio furnishings from the hands of store liquidator so I was very interested in the mirrored back panels displayed with those modulars here. And do you see those acrylic reindeer's on the next to the bottom shelf? I actually own one of the two... the buck with his head bowed! I purchased it years ago and have utilized him on a mirror in the center of a wreath as a display located on our back kitchen countertop! Seeing this one was like visiting an old friend!

I loved this old world Santa and sleigh, being pulled by none other than a polar bear! Isn't it stunning!!!!

Another Old World style of Santa... this one as tall as I am! {or should that be as "short" as I am... since I'm only 5'1" in height.}

Here's , yet another, radiant tree... I love the Santa hats used as a tree topper and those amazingly large white irridescent glitter snowflakes! And we won't discuss how I missed that beautiful white feather tree to the left of the photograph! I'd love to obtain one of those for use in my studio along with some vintage style white and teal blue ornaments I purchased one year after the "after Christmas" clearance sales! Hmmm, maybe we'll have to make another trip to 'Tis The Season before the holiday season approaches!

And Look! It's Santa!!!! {Sorry, ladies, he's been spoken for... you'll simply have to find your own...}
Doesn't he appear excited? Perhaps, he's waiting for Christmas to arrive too.... at least, he's waiting patiently, because you know what he'd discover in his stocking this year!!!

I don't know about you but I found this beautiful red tinsel tree absolutely mesmerizing! How unique, is that??!! And dang it! There's another gorgeous white shining tinsel tree!!! Is it me or do you also hearing them whispering my name?

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