Saturday, July 26, 2008

An "Over-View" of the Shoppe...

Once again, I apologize for some of the blurry appearance of some of these photographs. It's hard enough capturing photographs of lighted Christmas trees, especially without the use of a tripod, but add in the excitement factor of being in such beautiful and gorgeous surroundings and having the opportunity to purchase any and everything that your heart could ever desire, and your mind twirling with thoughts and ideas of all that you could create... Oh My! I was definitely on "inspiration overload" LOL!

I captured these photographs on our way up of the second story land. Here is the top of large arched garden arbor that was so beautifully decorated and an overview of the a portion of the shoppe's first story. Isn't it amazing!!! It's definitely a magical, mystical experience...

I captured more of the first floor while we browsed each section of themed areas and would you believe that there is actually more that I didn't obtain photographs of? I really loved these two exquisite white and gold colored themed trees... they were ever so elegant!

Another shot at that beautiful lamp post and another beautiful display utilizing a garden arbor.

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