Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CED ~2008 - What a wild week!

Yeah! I got my computer back last night! Unfortunately, I lost everything and we weren't able to recover anything, but it is now up and running - working even better than before! We upgraded the Norton system and added a router to prevent an attack like that from ever happening again. I'll definately be saving and burning disks a lot more often. One of my first priorities, is learning to run a new burning program. I am truly thankful that my computer system wasn't completely ruined!
The good news is that I've had a very productive week! I've been writing in my journal, and one of the two that I purchased in May, is a bit over 3/4 full! My sketchbook is 1/3 of the way filled, and I spent some time sketching some ideas for an altered book, as well as drawing some everyday items discovered around our home. So far, I'm doing good keeping up with those!
Since last Monday, we've been to two auctions, one outside of Sandusky, Ohio, the other in Morrow county --- Don attended one with me, while I went to the other with friends. I was able to purchase some pretty amazing stuff {at wonderful prices, most only a $1 a box... although I did pay more for a few things}. Some of the items I got: a large old framed print, a box of old books - some perfect for altering, some with amazing images, a few filled with nothing but sheet music! A huge box of old and new cards, some glass candle votives, a good sized wicker box with a lid, a large outdoor light with 3 candle style lights inside that I want to clean, paint, rewire, and hang somewhere, possibly indoors, and an entire tote of craft items, that was quite an assortment.Perfect for use in creating artwork! At one auction, I spied some vintage sewing drawers, but we didn't stay long enough for them to get them, {sigh...}
I've accomplished quite a lot of things that have been on my "To Do" list. I began washing down the kitchen, in preparation of touching up the paint in the upcoming months, kept our home clean, and cooked a lot of homemade meals.
I stained an old cd holder that I've been desiring to stain for what seems like forever. I intend to use it on the surface of my studio island for holding my unmounted stamps, labelled of course! Purchasing some of the old blank cd cases is on my "wish list"...
I worked on patching my crazy quilt throw. I'm now happy to say that it's coming along nicely --- I've a 18"x 12" area to continue patching before it will be 2/3rds of the way done! I went back to it on Monday and added two more patches in a 15 minute mini session while allowing supper to simmer on the stove. I'm hoping to continue patching on it, so I can begin the embroidered embellishing seams this fall and winter.
Another set of new neighbors, down the road from us, were having a yard sale, so Don and I visited with them, welcoming them to the neighborhood, and I loaned them two of my long tables. We purchased a wood chair and a wooden shelf, both cheap! I worked on cleaning and painting the chair with a flat black enamel paint. While waiting for it to cure, we took a trip to Hobby Lobby and WalMart. At HL, I purchased 2 1/2 yards of black bullion fringe, a package of small wooden barrels, and a beautiful thick clay urn that was on clearance. I was desiring red bullion fringe, but they only had a burgandy, so I decided to go with black instead {of course, I bought some extra to create a tassel for our kitchen.}, and the new urn looks beautiful holding a silk plant we already had in our living room!
While cleaning the chair and removing a well-worn seat cover that had been nailed on, I discovered the chair originally had a leather seat, but it had dry-rotted. So at WalMart, I purchased 2/3 yards of leather, a seat cushion foam, and furniture tacks. Once home again, I set out to recovering it. It's now a finished project! although I'm uncertain of where we'll actually use it yet...
Later in the day, I sewed the black bullion fringe to the bottom of our shower curtain. It had shrunk when I last washed it, allowing the vinyl shower liner to show a good 2 1/2 - 3 inches. It was driving me nuts every time I saw it, so this was a good decorative fix!
We've taken several day trips, out of town, just to refresh our souls. At Home Goods
I found a beautiful print, that was perfect for our bathroom. It fills the wall space above the toilet, an area that I've wanted to do something with for some time! We also purchased a small silk fern in a dark wicker pot on clearance from Kirkland's. The following day, I scrubbed the bathroom, did a bit more de-cluttering, hung the new print, created a vignette on top of the linen cabinet, re-arranged some items in a wicker basket that's on the back of the commode, and put out fresh, clean towels.
Amazed at the difference these changes made, I pulled out two small frames that I had stored, replaced the pictures with a wallpaper border that matches the shower curtain {that I never quite seemed to get hung} and I created a grouping on another wall. These changes freshened the room up so much, that I'started a "To Do" List to complete it. I've been considering painting the bathroom sink cabinet black, along with the light fixture, but since re-decorating a little, I'm sort of one the fence about that, so I opted to paint an old wooden soap dish to see if I like it before taking that next step. For now, I'm allowing the ideas brew, while keeping my options open!
What else? We had Little Miss overnight and for a day visit. Both Don and I loved having her here. She's quite the character! We visited with my family for a little while, and visited friends for a night of card playing...
and so you don't all think I'm all work and no play, I did take a few days off to sit, relax, and read two new books: 1000 Journals and Living the Creative Life. So far, I'm love with both books.
I apologize for the long post, I suppose it comes from not having computer access the past week! I so missed blog-hopping, visiting with my internet friends, leaving comments, praising other's efforts, and catching up with their lives. I'm hopeful to have some pictures to share of these things soon, once I re-install the camera software. Until then... {*waves*}


Charmingdesigns said...

I just got my computer up and running too. there was a glitch in windows, I lost everything too. But it does work better then ever. Laurie

liannallama said...

Sorry about your computer---(((HUGS))) Glad you're back!