Thursday, August 14, 2008

Testing... photos...

I re-installed my camera software today, so I had to take a photograph of something --- you know, just to be certain that everything's working properly. So, I quickly took a picture of the yard sale chair that I refinished while without my computer this previous week.
It's really much more beautiful than shown here, the light in my living room is wonky today, due to the overcast Ohio skies. The paint is actually a flat black, so the chair isn't the least bit glossy as it appears here and the fullness of the leather covered seat will flatten with use so then I can straighten the row of furniture tacks on the right side. Thankfully, I purchased more than enough of those for this project.
I've been being quite lazy the past several days. My back and neck have been acting up like crazy so back to the chiropractor I'll go in another couple of days. Don and I will be taking Chaos out to the Pet Spa first, as there's no sense in me going to the chiropractor, then, having the dog pull me all back out of place. I suppose I'll just have to grin and bear it for another day.
My thoughts have been on getting out and re-organizing my studio, but I've decided to focus on cleaning our home and doing a bit of shopping so I can use the crockpot for meals. That will save me so much time, once I actually get back into "getting things done.
I'll post again soon and show you some of recent updates and the progress that I've made. Until then....

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