Monday, September 22, 2008

Just writing.... to be writing...

Can you believe today is the first day of Autumn!
It amazes me just how fast time flies right on by....

It was just last week when all I had on my mind was to keep up with the housework, spend some time with family and friends, get my haircut, run a few errands, and spend every moment of my "spare time" getting back to having my studio organized. Here I was, dreaming about creating some of the Autumn decorations that I hoping I would soon be able to get started on, so that I could decorate a little more of our home. I figured "IF" I was lucky, I may even be able to squeeze in a little bit time for myself! I thought I had everything all thought out, and I even planned ahead! adding a few little extra errands and out of my way stops to the previous week's activities, like grocery shopping for the makings of some crock pot meals, and a couple good paperback books to read!
So, what did I do instead?
I spent time cleaning up our home, cooking, and cleaning again. Spent many precious hours with our 2 1/2 year old, dear grand-daughter, Alexxis. Gotta grab those hugs and kisses whenever I can. Which led to more cooking, cleaning up again. Oh, and laundry, more shopping, putting things away, and cleaning! Then, we had a couple of friends over for a nice dinner of homemade beef and noodles, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, buttermilk biscuits, and I even made a carrot cake one night. ... (Well! sort of... I used the big muffin pan and one small loaf pan, but I made it or baked it, I should say.) I stressed over the bees, the possibility of my husband getting stung, and all the art supplies in my studio. Then on Saturday, I found myself..., and a friend!, helping my dad wash down all four walls of his pool room. Don't ask how that one happened...I figured you've guessed, by now that I "volunteered." I volunteered "us" again, on Sunday, as we watched Alexxis. Only this time we took her on a road trip to visit Kingswood Center. There she feed the ducks (while I tried to keep her out of the water!); she ran through the gardens (while we hoped for a leisurely stroll!): she got wet in the fountains {and us, too!} before we went out to have a spaghetti dinner! If that didn't make her day, I don't know what would have. (I took some pictures --- but left my camera in the Jeep, so I'll have to show ya later.)
But somehow, in the midst of all that chaos, every night I managed to sit down, with a drink beside me, put my feet up, curl up under my comfy throw, and I'll be darned if I didn't read that entire book! I couldn't put it down!!!! If you're curious, the title of the book is "The Wednesday Letters", written by Jason F. Wright. It's a book about , family, friends, love, forgiveness, passion, and so much more. It's been a long time since I read a book that has touched my heart in so very many ways. It reaffirmed in me just how important it is to keep up with my own journals and journal writing, and I believe I'm going to start writing in one of my new ones.... affectionately titled, "The Wednesday Letters". You've gotta read this book!!!
It sort of reminded me of the movie, "The Bucket List" The idea of writing down and actually doing all the things you want to do before you die. I always thought that doing that would be so cool! Heck, I could probably go through my blog archives and create a list from that, LOL!! But, let's save that for another day!
Today, (as a reward for all my recent hard work) I thought I'd go out to studio, gather up some supplies, bring them back in the house and began creating something with an Autumn theme. As I grabbed the broom and dustpan {just in case...} and headed out to the studio, I thought, "Oh NO! You're NOT!" You're not dragging anything out and/or back in... " {Patting myself proudly on the back...} Anyway, it worked.
So, once I was in there, I got busy organizing once again. Funny, it didn't seem like organizing as I cleaned off my work surface in all of 5 minutes! Moved a few boxes, relocated some items, swept up the remanents of several bees, scraps of paper, and glitter... I got my wood mounted
stamps put away within the stamp cabinet. I discovered I definitely need to think about some new storage solutions for some items, most of which I've still a lot of sorting to do! I swept and dusted, picked up a few more things. Held so many things just a little bit tighter! And you know what I realized about that Autumn thing that I desired to do? Well, it hasn't happened yet. But I think I got a whole lot of Autumn-time in which I beat that I can!!!
Happy Fall, Y'all!

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Laura said...

I loved your post! Hope you'll share what you were inspired to create. Speaking of The Wednesday Letters, I work with Jason and thought you’d like knowing he has a new contest on his web site where you can win a free trip-for-two to his hometown in VA, the Shenandoah Valley. All you have to do is mail him a Christmas card! All the details are here: