Sunday, October 05, 2008

Good Morning!

As I sat with anticipation of Don's arrival home, I was so excited to show him all that I accomplished and created yesterday. I was so giddy! I felt like a three year old in a candy shop and no way was I able to sit still, so I sewed up a couple more laundry bags.
Those little bags are the greatest and fastest things to create. Before I knew it I had the rectangles cut out, the tops folded and ironed over, and a crease iron on the bottom. It seemed as if they just flew under the sewing machine needle! First one, then another, before I realized that I would need something to tie them up with, oh, and some seashellls! So off to the studio I flew, gathering up a bit of this, that, and the other along with my glue gun.

Upon entering back into the house, I looked up and saw this beautiful white wire basket sitting on the breakfast bar. I'd completely forgotten about it as I'd moved it out of my way earlier in the day while setting up my sewing machine but I didn't miss it twice! The basket was included in a Bath N Body gift set that I'd received for Christmas a few years ago. I used it on top of the linen closet for the longest time, well until I made the recent changes and this is one of those items that I just desired to re-locate somewhere else in our home. Won't it be perfect for use in the laundry area? Well, I thought so. So, I grabbed the basket, the less than 1/2 yard of fabric, scooped up all my faux clothesline panels and little laundry bags and headed back into the laundry area.

Of course, I just had to see what it would all look like in the space and then, one thing lead to another. Hmmm, wonder what this fabric would look like on top of the dryer? Perhaps, I could sew up a nice topper to use for a dryer cover... it would definitely prevent the top of the dryer from scratches. Then, I placed the pretty white basket on top and filled it with the faux clothesline panels, envisioning how I'll hang them and in what order. I tucked in a small laundry bag here, and there, and one over there, and I smiled the biggest smile! Just as I was feeling like the woman on the Lowe's Creative Ideas commercial with her proud loook of "I did that!" in walked my hubby and guess what? He loves what I've done and created! I believe I have him so stoked that he won't even mind helping me cut the shutter style bifold door down so I can use them for shelves today and do a bit of shopping for some new shelf brackets and the glass that I'll be needing to cover them. I know it's still early, but when did you say he was getting out of bed? LOL!
Well, there's still a bit more to do to laundry room area today before I'll be ready to hang the shelves and begin to accessorize, but I'm certain that well have this little project completed by the end of the weekend. For less than, $30, I believe this is going to be one of my favorite places in our house and I won't even mind doing the laundry. Although, I think I should add a "Gone To the Beach" sign, just a reminder to myself to take a break every now and then.
I'm so sorry to keep posting pictures of my faux clothesline panels and little laundry bags, but I am just so stoked! "You made that? Hmmmm. And That? And That." I won't tell you how many times I came just to the doorway of this room last night "just to peek in". I just had to make sure that I wasn't dreaming! And this morning, I grabbed my cup of coffee and peeked in again. Guess what? There still here, in all their little loveliness!


Linda M said...

They are adorable!

Rue said...

Hi Cathy :)

Those are absolutely darling and if I was able to make them myself, I'd be peeking at them all night too ;)