Saturday, October 11, 2008

The "Laundry Room" Saga Continues....

Why is it when you attempt to correct or change one thing while decorating, repairing, or remodeling within your home, you're entire house becomes a huge mess? Well, that's the way it goes around here anyways. It seems one thing always leads to another! And those little somethings have kept the two of us very busy!
Since my shutter door for shelving idea had to be shelved, we needed to brainstorm for alternate ideas, and decided to purchased a closet organizer and some white laminate shelving. We got the two sections of shelving for the tower assembled while the paint on the laundry room floor was drying. Once dry everything was moved into the laundry room space and then, the washer and dryer were hooked back up temporarily, sp I could take advantage of the opportunity to get caught up on our laundry.
On Tuesday, Don purchased a sheet of drywall to repair and replace a section that was removed eight long years ago when we originally moved the laundry appliances upstairs from our basement. The washer and dryer was unhooked, and moved out again, so that he could installed it on Wednesday. On Thursday, I got it mudded up and on Friday, I got it sanded. I'm ready to begin removing any traces of dust that remain, and am ready to paint that last little section. I'll have few areas of the floor to sand and re-paint, shelving to cut to size and install and we'll finally be finished!
My friend, Elainia, came over yesterday and we taped up the glass on the large outdoor light and spray painted it. It's beautiful in black! We, also, spray painted a indoor planter box and lid, 6 shelving brackets, and one wrought iron bedside table that I'll put in the room. The entire room is coming along nicely but I've still a few obstacles like where to put Alexxis' toys to face.
Here's what I didn't mention...
I had to unhook and remove my computer from the adjacent bedroom. I moved a dresser by myself so I could shampoo the carpet. That we took Alexxis' crib down, packed up all the little linens, and put up the twin "big girl" bed in its place Or did I forget to mention that the matress and box springs to said twin bed were stored upstairs in our storage room and had to be brought down? And to make room for my computer and desk, we had to take down and move the living room hutch? Needless to say, there's stuff everywhere! And I haven't even made it to cleaning out the closet! I guess I'm going to be busy for yet another week getting things back in order. I'll share some pictures of the finished results soon.

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Rue said...

Good morning Cathy :)

I know what you mean. I start one thing and get side tracked with a 100 others LOL

I can't wait to see the results :)