Saturday, October 04, 2008

Laundry Room decorating update...

Painting the laundry room cabinet white has made such a world of difference in the appearance of our laundry room space. It's lighter, brighter, and so much more clean looking! Over the course of the past few days, I continued painting the cabinet; well, until I ran out of paint! Which proved to be a good thing since I'm using an enamel paint and it requires time to cure completely before additional layers can be painted. With nothing else to do, but wait, I decided to get myself busy creating the fabric panels for my decorative clothesline.
Since I had already decided on using a beach theme for our laundry room and I knew the turquoise, beige, white color scheme I had planned, I choose to create my panels out of left over unbleached muslin. Does any fabric shout, "sun-loving, sun-washed out" more than muslin does? Yes, ticking would definately work well, but for the foundation pieces, I wanted something a bit more neutral so I began cutting my laundry day pieces in 8"x10" pieces, then got set up to sew them up. Altogether, I sewed six little banners, although I made need a few more. To assist with how these will hang, I decided to leave a small 1/3 opening in the top, so that once they were turned right side out, I could stuff them with a little polyfiber fill, before sewing them shut.
After Don arrived home, we ran a few errands, stopped by a friends, then made a trip to WalMart for the additional quart of white paint I'll be needing. Of course, when you're in the paint department, you also look at paint chips, and guess what? I found a beautiful color called Azul. It's one of Kilz Casual Colors and offers a one coat guarantee! So, I had a quart mixed up, which saves me another shopping trip! The paint samples are in both of the photographs, isn't it gorgeous?

After returning home, it was too late to paint, so I began stuffing, sewing, and embellishing one of the panels. I'll be adding some sepia colored beach photos to them at a later date, but it's a start!!!
I also found these three fabrics at WalMart in the discounted $1-$2 bin! Aren't these fabrics and colors perfect for my little project? I cannot wait to work on them some more. But first things first, I gotta get back to painting the second coat of paint on the cabinet. Here's to hoping all goes well!

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