Friday, October 03, 2008

Decorating our laundry room...& the ideas I have!

The idea of decorating our laundry room came to me during the summer as I sat with an issue of BH&G's DIY Ideas book. Within it's pages, I discovered a beautiful paint chip called "Turquoise Mist" by Benjamin & Moore paints. The color is a beautiful turquoise, like the color of a Carribean sea, and don't try to look it up online as the paint chip shown is NOT the color I saw --- perhaps, differences in computer monitors, but anyways, I loved that color! It goes with the paint color already in the bedroom {Martha Stewart's Lilac}, and since that is the room our laundry room resides in, I won't have to change it or any of the bedding or any other bedroom decor!
Anyways, as I turned each page, a new DIY idea would pop out at me, like painting and then, putting my clothes pin in a clear class topped apothecary jar, or my dryer sheets in small, just the right size, seagrass basket. I swear as I turned the pages within the magazine, my imagination began running wild! I could begin envisioning the crispness of the fresh turquoise painted walls. I could see my ugly brown cabinet gone and in it's place a beautiful white cabinet. There would white shelves, created out of one of our broken shutter doors, on which a cut to size piece of glass would rest. On the shelves would be the clear apothecary jar with my clothespins and a basket filled with our dryer sheets. Needless to say, I jotted these ideas down, sat creating me a "To Get Started" list, sketched out some pictures, and made a few more sketches.
Then, I re-discovered this while researching for thoughts and ideas for my altered book. It's the Designing With Fabric book, put out by Autumn Leaves. {* I have to add an endorsement here: If your not familiar with Autumn Leaves line of books, you've gotta check them out! I have almost a completed collection and I turn to them often. There isn't one book that I haven't referred to over and over again!}
While browsing through the Designing With Fabric book, I stumbled upon this:

Isn't it gorgeous?! The little laundry bags in the baskets were created by Debbie Crouse and the "At the Beach" fabric-covered wall hanging was designed by Carol Wingert, but the following inspiration came to me! See that white cotton clothes line with the adorable lightly painted clothes pins? Well, it just so happens that I've an approximately 14" space above the cabinet in my laundry room and I thought a clothes line is perfect for up there! And those little cloth decorated fabric panels, how cool would those be clipped to it to form a fabric banner? A french laundry basket, painted light beige or white, could sit on my shelves, holding my stain stick removers within those adorable laundry bags.

Then, I saw this page! See those gorgeous fabric created panels? And the by the sea vintage appearing theme? It's perfect! Not only would the theme look good in my laundry area, but I can cherish all my beach themed accessories year round!

Then, my mind whirled! I began envisioning my birdhouse sand castle, my seashells and starfish, my set of fishes, and the candles my sister brought me from Texas! They would be the perfect accessories for my "newly decorated laundry room!"

So, I began working, checking off some of the task on the "to get started" list, created a "new to do", and dreamt some more. A supply list got created along with a shopping list for some fabrics! And just when I thought I had it all figured out, along came this beauty!!!

Isn't she gorgeous? Okay, well for a laundry bag, I think it's precious!!!! {* I cannot remember where I obtained this picture from I'm desiring to create my own.} I love those cute little ruffles so add finding a ruffled child's slip to my list. Little by little, I'll be plugging away creating this. I can't wait to show you!!!

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