Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas Holiday Highlights...

Don and I had an absolutely wonderful holiday this year!
Of course, we were busy, wrapped up in all the joys that the season brings, like shopping, decorating, baking, keeping secrets, sharing laughter, discovering small, stolen moments of contentment, and sharing both our hearts and our homes with our families and friends.
We originally believed that our personal finances and the current economy might put a damper on our Christmas this year, but in the end, everything seemed to work itself out. We tried to choose a lot of gifts that were either on sale or within the $20 per person range so that everyone received something nice. The gifts that we that we purchased for our families and friends were well-received, as well as some wonderful compliments on the gifts we choose to give this year. Of course there's always that "I wish I could gotten {insert name here} something..." so there was a little sacrificing, although you probably wouldn't have known it watching this babe open her presents!
And here she is sporting hard on a brand, spanking new Radio Flyer tricycle that Santa somehow mistakenly dropped off at grandma's house.
Don't you just love that smile? and could Alexxis possibly be any cuter? Her personality is just a vibrant and bubbly as you see in these pictures and I believe it is one of my favorite Christmas photographs!
Speaking of photographs, here's another few favorites of the "loves of my life " Alexxis collecting her stocking....

to sit down with Papa to open...


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Janie said...

Cathy, your granddaughter is gorgeous!!! I just wanted to tell you how beautiful she is. Hope you have a Wonderful New Year!!

Miss you,