Thursday, January 08, 2009

Two steps forward; one step back...

It's amazing what can happen and change within a week!
Just when I was working to get my Cricut all set up, connected to the computer, the software installed, the firmware updated, and was all set and ready to learn, Don contacted a virus on our computer. Thankfully, we've been down this road before, so no important information or photographs were lost and our computer is still functional, so there are some blessings in disguise!!!!
Another "blessing" is our home has never been so clean! Well, so much of it, all at once. I've been a cleaning fool, bitten by the organizing bug, once the Christmas decorations had been taken down and lovingly packed away once again. Our furniture has since been returned to it's original or a new location and a new home office has been established!
While our computer guru had our computer's modem, I took advantage of having all the electrical components out of the way and was able to clean out, purge, store all the contents of the two upper cabinets and the drawers in the back section of our kitchen! Yesterday morning, I finished staining the insides of the cabinet and while the stain was drying, I began setting up a new work area. For a few years now, I've been having trouble making it into the studio, so I've decided to establish a small card-making/scrapbooking area here... in hopes of increasing my productivity, we shall see how that goes... in the meantime, know that we're still here, just busy. Today's agenda is to re-install our printer, the Cricut Design Studio, and gather a litle bit of supplies and tools from the studio. I hope to have some photographs of the space and some artwork to share with you soon.

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I'll be waiting :-)