Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Vintage German Valentine's Day Postcard...

Every time I come across a vintage postcard while out flea marketing, antiquing, thrifting, yard sales, etc., I swear my heart beats a little bit faster! Especially when, I stumble across an entire slew of vintage postcards, like we did at the Springfield Antiques Show last spring! The woman that I purchased this from had albums after albums after albums filled with vintage postcards. Each separated by holiday, artist, or a certain style, like some tintypes; and her booth was overwhelming! I need to check to see when and if there will be one this year there. Who knows maybe fate will bring us together again...
Anyways, she collected these for many years, purchasing them here and there, but admitted most of her collection had come from eBay purchases made many, many years before. It was hard not to desire to scoop up all her albums and run as fast I could, LOL! but even harder was choosing only a few special few. So, I did have to narrow down my choices. I choose this one because it's German and to honor my family's German heritage. I love the embossed hearts and flowers and ribbon.
Whatever it is that draws you to this, I hope you love it as much as I do!
*edited to add:
You can click on the postcard to make it larger prior to saving.
{and silly me, forget to add the "vintage image" label...}

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