Monday, February 16, 2009

My birthday and weekend update....

Saturday turned out to be a fabulous day!
I slept in a little, enjoyed my morning cup of coffee at the computer, checked and answered a few emails, visited a few bloggin' friends, scattered a few kind comments around, spent a few moments with my hubby before he went to work, then, it was time to get myself ready for my birthday lunch date with Amber, Chris, and Alexxis.
Since Don had to work, earlier in the week, Chris offered to take me out for lunch to celebrate. We had an enjoyable time at Applebee's , then, returned to their home to visit . It was wonderful having time to catch up with my dear daughter and her family. {And can I add in here, just how proud I am of her! She's certainly an amazing woman... I wonder if I tell her that often enough?} Anyways, we caught up a bit with each other's lives, shared some laughter, strolled down memory lane, and tried to calm Little Miss! who was having "a terrible two's" day.
After working, Don was able to meet up with us and he helped Chris go to pick up a new mattress and box springs for Alexxis' big girl Princess bed at home. {Bye, Bye Toddler crib!}
I felt so blessed as I watched Alexxis attempt to make her bed with the new bedding set we'd purchased her at Christmas, although, it wasn't easy when the tantrums came as she got frustrated, but wanted no help! After that fiasco, we returned home and friends of ours came over to play some Euchre. So, all in all, it was a quiet evening, spent enjoying our home, love, and laughter that friends share.
Thank you, each and everyone one of you! {for the cards, comments, and gifts, but more importantly, for helping me celebrate my birthday.}
After our company had left, {we made it an early evening...}
I continued to work a bit more on my project 365, finishing up a few loose ends. I went back and added some journaling to the pages I'd previously created and finished a a tag book I started the evening before. {I was down several pages due to my birthday weekend... and creating my previous pages...}
The tag book is double sided, titled "the purpose of my project 365" included is some quotations on the front sides, and my personal journal writing on the reverse side. I used a small ball chain to keep them all together and tied on a rick rack shaped piece of crushed velvet.
I stamped another journaling stamp and added some journaling to it. Then, created another small tag. {I really love this one! It was one of those "happy little accidents". When I peeled off the price sticker off of Danielle Steele's Honor Thyself book, I discovered that on the reverse side of the scan barcode and price label, the title of the book and those two simple little words that have been meaning so much to me lately:
Honor Thyself.
{Of course, I had to save it so I can journal about the book and the discovery!}
And I wrote in my actual journal some thoughts about my birthday, my age, and my thoughts on all that!
On Sunday, Don and I puttered around the house... mostly cleaning up, from my lack thereof this week. While working on my artwork, creating these pages, documenting my thoughts and ideas, I have to make some sacrifices, so what if the vacuam isn't ran or the house didn't get dusted... It isn't like it is going anywhere! And I was so right; it was still here on Sunday!!!! LOL!
After helping me with the house, Don and I visited the Flea Market and Deli to pick up some luncheon meat for lunches this week. It was a good time, seeing people who I used to see every weekend, checking out what's new, who's new, seeing what's happening there. We took a stroll through the Antique place. Although, I saw a lot that captured my eye, we didn't purchase a thing... well, except for a small pepperoni and cheese pizza from Shabby's Pizza. All that walking made up both realize that breakfast hadn't stayed with us for long.
Once back home, we watched "Momma Mia" OMG! I loved it! The scenery is to die for! The set, the props, the costumes... It's a must see movie; You gotta see if you already haven't!
Afterwards, I made my way out to the studio! {Gasp! You know what that means!!!!} Yep! I gathered some supplies to drag into the house. But, in my defense, I believe I did good.
I grabbed an empty 12x12 album, a box of page protectors, emptied a 12x12 plastic holder for storage! {see I was thinking! In the the "here" and "now" moment...}
Next, I gathered some embellishments that I could use, some printed paper, and who knows what else...
I did get it all sorted: cardstock, printed paper, scraps in the storage box,
and embellishments sorted and stored in another container.
Then, I created another project 365 page, catching me up!!!!
{I'll capture photographs of my pages later and add in the little details. There's not as much distressing on these pages due to "attempting to get caught up" but I love them, just as they are... and they are an accurate reflection of how I am in real life.... sometimes, loving the clutter; sometimes, loving "simplicity"."


Sue McGettigan said...

What a lovely way to spend your birthday Cathy - congrats on another year of wisdom and creativity :)

Cathy said...

Thank You so much, Sue.

{and a question... How do you reply to blog comments? Email, Reply post, or both? If I send an email, my blog comments appear like I never reply! GASP! and If I post a reply here, will my friends check back to find them? Hmmm... maybe I should be doing both...

How do you handle them?