Monday, February 16, 2009

project 365... Birthday layout, thoughts about my age...

The "overall" page...and how it's laid out...
{photos captured in various stages of creating...}

Close-up of some of the little details...
{I've enclosed a card, a tag, and I label I've created {along with "more"
The tag says, "What an amazing day!"
The card's journaling was inspired {and completely LIFTED} from someone's siggy I had read on 2P's that day. It touched me and reflected my feelings on this day, making it perfect for using!
"Life is short..
break the rules;
forgive quickly,
kiss slowly,
love truly,
laugh uncontrollably,
and never regret anything that made you smile."
{If this is your siggy and your quote, I'd be more than happy to credit it to you! Shoot! I probably should have asked in advance! Please accept my apologies.}
and the label, is a Making Memories "old school stash" Birthday definition that I layered over some product packaging {from K&Co. Life's Journey} and an embossed paper.
just because.
I'd completed some writing in my personal written journals about my thoughts and feelings about turning 48! {Did I just admit how old I am? LOL!} Now, I just need to re-write them and attach that page inside.

I believe I'm going to simply do a pamphlet stitch along that fold to hold it. The good news is adding these small tag books and creating things like this, provides me plenty of room for journaling and photographs.

Also, I'll be adding some photographs of my day!
{I'm thinking I'll probably just make a mosaic of these pages once all my photographs and journaling is added} and I'm certain there will be times, when I won't share my journaling that is more personal and private. I often feel like I'm going out on the limb now, LOL!
But it's a great feeling!

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