Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've certainly felt every possible emotion you could possibly imagine over this upcoming craft show; ranging from elation to feeling entirely overwhelmed! Shoot! I'm still wondering if I'll be able to get all that I'm "thinking" of creating completed in time. Thankfully, I still have a little over a month to get some of these things created and done; although I may try to round up a few "recruits" LOL!
I found out that the craft show will be held on Saturday, May 2nd from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. which poses another problem of how much of this, that, and the other do I create? So that's another entirely different consideration...
I also knew I needed to get myself "organized" a bit, so I do what I always do and began creating a list of what I hope to get created. Then, went back and added in some suggested "prices" for each item. So, here is what I've come up with:
Individual Cards - $3 ea; 2 for $5; 4 for $10
{each card is lined; included envelope; packaged in a clear resealable bag}
Card Sets of 3 -
3 lined cards; envelopes; clear resealable bags contained in a clear bag
Card Sets of 6 -
6 lined cards; envelopes; clear resealable bag w/ magazine file holder or card box
~ Boxes ~
Love Notes Sets
5 3"x3" lined note cards w/ pamphlet stitching and decorative box
Mini-Milk Cartons
{will be filled with candy or lip gloss and small hand lotion}
$3 - $5 *depending upon contents*
May Day Tussie Mussies
Paper Mache cones w/ pp; scalloped and layer stamped image; w/ decorative trims
*price will vary depending upon contents*
ideas: silk flowers, small bath soaps/lotions/bath salts; candy
Garden Peat Pots
{see project list for ideas}
Sour Cream Containers
{filled w/ candy}
$3 each
Word Banners
{have "word" list; Cricut cuts 5" set w/ eyelets; adorned with ribbons/fibers}
packaged in sealed clear bag
*need to price depending upon materials/time*
Welded Word Chipboard Ornaments {glittered}
Mother's Day Crowns/Tiaras
while reviewing that list,
I began questing whether or not I'll have too many "paper" products so
I began "brainstorming" for add'l ideas and created another list of ideas!
Also during this past week, I've gave some thought to my table and card spinner rack set up. I've decided to create a "Partly Paper" banner using my Cricut to display on the front side of my table. I want to purchase a pink twin size bed sheet for the tabletop. I thought of what I already have in my studio that I could utilize for risers... to get some things up off the table top and up where people may actually see them. I thought about using my big Eiffel Tower and smaller wire tower as decorative elements and Alexxis' pink and toile covered boxes. They should be perfect to hold cards, banners, or whatever in.. I also have my french easel that I can create a "display" board out of to feature some card samples. And the Card Spinner Rack has a place at the top to clip up a price list.
I've decided I desire to walnut ink up some 2 1/4" metal rimmed tags to tie onto the spinner rack with ribbon so that those can be labelled with card categories.
and I believe I may make up a "special" order price list for anyone desiring a custom banner - we'll see how that goes...
and I've even an idea for "a little freebie"
well, that's all the "little ideas" I have rolling around in my head today...
I'm off to get creating!

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* lisa * said...

Whew! Cathy, I'm tired out after reading this! Sounds like an extreme amount of work! Your prices seem very fair. Good luck!
I will look forward to seeing photos of your booth!