Friday, March 13, 2009

Recent Card Creations...

I'm not exactly sure why I really never considered myself a cardmaker, as I've definately created my fair share of them over the years! But I can say that I've never really just sat down, intending to create so many of them before. Well, until Godelieve, of
posted a Sunday Scrap's challenge.
The basic idea was to use up those scraps so that's what I did! I went completely through my scrap basket, pulling out all the pastels and summer-y colors and simply began creating! I utilized some of my bigger sheets of cardstock to cut down for the card structure itself, while other scraps were big enough were utilized for card panels {or fronts or layers} as some stamper's call them.
The process of creating these was very fast paced. I didn't give a whole lot of thought to the designs, they just sort of evolved, becoming whatever they wanted. I did try to use up a lot of the stamped images that Don and I had sat and stamped together, along with the scraps from Little Miss' cardmaking escapades. So some time was spent coloring in some of the images while watching TV in the evenings, while at others times, I sat creating card liners. I used regular old text weight printer paper for that, just simply cut, score, fold, and punch. Sounds easy enough; until you need to create 79 of them, LOL! And every card I've created to date is now lined!
While at the Moose recently, I caught wind of a upcoming "inexpensive"craft show, so I'll be attempting to sell some of my cards and additional items there. Don brought me home a spinner card rack for displaying these and thankfully, I have until May to work on creating more. The display has 96 slots that will accomodate a set of 6 cards per slot. When you do the math, that's a lot of cards!

Some of these cards will be sold in Sets of 6 and Sets of 3, while others will be available individually. I've been looking into ordering clear boxes and clear bag envelopes and each card will came lined and with an actual paper envelope. I have plans for adding additional items: some Paris Eiffel Towers, Slider Boxes for both birthday's and Mother's Day, and some banners and word ornaments perhaps. I also want to focus on a masculine line of Birthday and Father's Day Cards. When I think about it, there is a lot I could create to sale but I'm still uncertain about how big of an event this will be, so I may look into some other alternatives as well. But for now, I'm simply proud of this accomplishment!

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