Saturday, April 11, 2009

Angel Policies

It has been another busy morning.
This one spent searching online for some of the Rubberstamp Companies Angel Policies; what a fiasco! Some you can locate easily, others are located lord only knows where, and some you need an attorney to understand once you do find them, sheesh! Who knew this would become so complicated, so fast.

Now, I am all for giving credit where credit is {although, I'm human, too. and I'm certain I've slipped a time or two myself...} and I have no problem sharing my resources for the supplies that I used to create something but some of these companies policies are a bit too much for me.

Can you believe I discovered this one online? Sorry, I'm not going to name names, but their angel policy is in place. It clearly defines what you can and cannot do, yet, you need to write for permission with all your personal info, items you are using to create ______ {your craft item is}, how many of said item you'll be using..... WTH? {{{{Hmmm, NONE, now!}}}} I don't think 3 weeks from the show is adequate enough time to prepare and then, hope and pray I receive permission? Hmmm, Thanks, but No Thanks!
but then again, sometimes you run across one like this one from 100 Proof Press:

We place no restrictions on HAND STAMPED usage, even if for profit. Buy our stamps and use them! I guess 100 Proof Press is what they call an "Angel Company." But we aren't angels. Not remotely. We don't look like them, and I never wear white.
Mechanical reproduction of a HAND STAMPED image is permitted for personal use only. This means if you stamp the image and enlarge or reduce it on the copy machine, that's okay for your personal art stuff.
We do occasionally approve mechanical reproduction for really neat, creative ideas. Please call for permission.
Images from the catalog or the website, however, may not be reproduced in any manner. Mind your manners.
and wonder "Why can't they all be this easy???? "
{I'm seriously thinking noting Company's Angel Policies will be greatly influencing where I'll be making future purchases from!}

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