Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Afternoon!

I have had the perfect morning here in Ohio.
It has been one of those lazy, raining days that you just simply find pleasure in whatever you discover yourself doing at the moment, pushing all those "I should be... " thoughts away.

I spent some time this a.m. on the cricut message boards, made and spent time talking and getting to know a new friend {who is also creating for a craft show! nice to have someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off of!} Then, I put a roast and all the fixin's in the crockpot for dinner tonight, saw hubby off to work, and began working on creating a prototype for my "Wish" banners.

I think it came out fairly well; a little different that what I was envisioning, but I still like it. I used the Cricut and the Storybook Cartridge again! {I swear I really love this cartridge!} Let's see, I used the Damask cuttlebug embossing folder for the top layer; it's simply adhered to the second, then the second layer is pop-dotted up off of the first layer. I added in some pen- markings for visual interest; set two eyelets in each letter and ran the decorative fiber and thinner ribbon through. The ribbon and fiber are then tied to wider pink ribbon as I worked. To add some additional "visual weight" to the piece, I decide to string my ribbon in and out of the letters.

Well, one prototype down, four more to create for the craft show!

{*I may create more IF time allows}

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Brens Designs said...

Love your Wish banner. Very, very pretty. Love the Storybook Cart. Happy Day to you!!!