Monday, May 18, 2009

An overnight rain late Saturday night kept us out of the garden on Sunday so Don and I made a short road trip to pick up waterproofing materials for our rear deck. After leaving the home improvement store, we enjoyed a short ride and a very nice brunch at Cracker Barrel, followed by a wonderful visit to Oakland Nurseries! I was in heaven ! especially when I spotted the azealea bush featured in the photograph below!!! Isn't it pretty? Although I've no idea of where exactly to plant it into our landscaping at the moment....but, we spent an enjoyable evening at home considering where to plant it.
Today, however, was a much busier day! I got started on waterproofing around the jacuzzi area of our deck around 10 a.m. Stained and waterproofed our outdoor tea cart... can you believe that thing is nearly five/six years old now? After waterproofing a rather large area {well, enough for one day!}, I went about putting a few things back into place. The waterproofing of the deck will be completed over the course of several days.
After making things pretty, I set my sights on assisting Don who had been rototilling up the garden once again. Here he is after making a few rounds around the garden to throw any grass clippings the opposite way... well, out of the garden. I enjoyed this scenery for most of the day.

Late in the afternoon, I decided "if we're gonna do this, let's do it!" So, Don and I began planting the garden. We think we ended up with 14 rows: 4 rows of corn: 2 bi-color and 2 sweet; 4 rows of tomatoes: better boy hybrids; 400 cherry tomatoes; beefsteak; and ?; 2 rows of peppers: sweet Banana Peppers, habinero's, and jalepeno's; 2 rows of squash, cucumbers, cabbage, califlower, and broccoli; 1 row of watermelon and cantaloupe; 1 row of lettuce {with iceberg lettuce seeds sprinkled between plants and 9 celery stalks.

The Walla Walla onions are looking wonderful; although the red spanish onions didn't fair as well. The peas and the radishes are doing excellent! {I'll upload another pic of them.} We ran out of room for potatoes... so Don's considering rototilling up another bed for peas, potatoes, onions, radishes, and carrots.

While out in the yard today, I spotted one of the two robins that have been very protective of this nest and saw a beautiful blue jay!

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