Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring Sprucing....

During the previous week, Don and I took advantage of the beautiful Ohio weather and continued working outside. We've either been out in the yard, in the garden or out on the rear deck. The only traffic the house seems to get is us running in and out for bathroom breaks, cold drinks, and a good night's sleep, LOL!
Earlier in the week, I had waterproofed and stained our rear deck; which in turn, lead us to dragging out and cleaning all of our patio furniture. Then, we were finally on to determining where to put what. A short road trip on Sunday to Richard's Garden for some flowers to fill a lot of empty pots really helped to spruce things up.

We purchased a few asparagus ferns to plant in the copper planter {although I'm not certain how long it will last outside; afterall, it is a houseplant and may just end up inside!}, a flat of pink petunias {since the deck receives a lot of sun} which filled the two huge terra cotta pots and three 6" pots in a hanger on the outside privacy fencing surrounding the jacuzzi, and a few pink begonias with a darker green vinca vine adorn a wall-mounted glazed urn.

I, also, purchased a box of Miracle Gro for Azealeas and gave it a good drink upon returning home. I've never attempted to grow an azealea before so its been sort of by trial and error but I've been attempting to do a bit research to learn more about them. I did learn that they prefer the morning sun and a filter afternoon/evening shade so I relocated the entire planter while I still struggle to determine where to place it within our landscape. {It still in its original pot; just placed in the urn planter shown above} I read a bit about pruning them, but without a visual guide of where exactly to prune, I'm lost! Especially when I read that you can actually prune back next year's blooms. I think I'll just leave it alone until I can ask more questions when visiting a garden center or nursery.

Later in the week, I believe some of my dilemna may have resolved itself when one of two of our 4x4 posts that once held my hammock came tumbling down. {Don't ask! It was a scary incident! with only a minor injury..which I believe tramatized me more than anything else...}
Now, the one lonely looking post remains so I'm thinking I could put the azealea in front of it with a bird house on top of the post since I had desired to create a spot for us to travel out into the yard... which was the original purpose of putting the posts in for the hammock there in the first place! Guess I'll be looking for a few chairs to put out there now...
Our Memorial Day Weekend was an enjoyable one. We didn't do much other than what I mentioned above, except for a small cookout for the two of us and long, leisurely soak in the jacuzzi before retiring for the night. The weather the last couple of days has cooled down considerably and the weatherman keeps telling me that rain is on the way! I certainly hope so, our garden could use a good sprinkling!

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Nancy Maxwell James said...

I have the same concrete bunny on my deck! LOL! :) Great minds think alike!