Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's "Road Trip" time....

Early Friday morning, Don took Chaos to our vet to be boarded for a few days so that we could hit the road early on Saturday. So, I researched several places to visit online during the day and narrowed it down to two options: visiting the Poconos or making the promised return trip to the Pigeon Forge and Gaitlinburg areas of Tennessee, right on the edge of the Smoky Mountain National Forest. We followed the weather channel's advice and choose to drive south vs. east and into the rain we'd received here the previous days before.

Although, it was a short 3 day road trip, we managed to have an amazing trip; filled with wonderful experiences. We took a lot pictures and some of them even surprised me! I've uploaded a few of my favorites onto my Facebook wall, click the link in the title above to view them. {I'll be adding them to my blog over the course of the next several days along with some of the behind the scenes detailed this moonbow featured below:}

Stay tuned...

more to come, I promise.

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