Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm so missing those palm trees, sunshine, and 70-80 degree temps. The photograph is of the Indian River, located near Ft. Pierce/Jenson Beach area of Florida. It is a salt-water river and contains all the same types of fish and crab that the ocean does. Yep, even Man-O-Wars and Jellyfish. It was wonderful seeing the area that my dd, Amber had previously moved to before returning to Ohio after Hurricane Frances, but sad to see some to the destruction and devastion left behind, like some of the beautiful beach homes that are no longer structurally sound. It certainly makes you appreciative of what you have!
And I loved our lunch at Mulligan's, where Alexxis played in the sand with her sand bucket; drinking rum runners while watching the sunset on the jetty! Good times! Good memories!

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