Friday, June 18, 2010

The activity continues at the Reams household as Don and I continue to finish up on some of our Spring/Summer maintainance. We were able to  take advantage of one of June's hot and humid days to use deck wash and power wash our rear deck. The following day, Don and I worked together to waterproof it. I'm happy to say that is now another project knocked-off off the good ole' "to do" list...

The vegetable garden is beginnig to flourish... we've already eaten a few salads made with fresh lettuce from out of the garden, The tomato plants look healthy and are wonderfully filled with a lot offresh blooms... one day promising us to become tomatoes, but we're still waiting on that first garden-ripen tomato! . We also planted sweet corn and as the saying goes, "knee-high by the Fourth of July" I think ours may just make it! Also, growing well is the canteloupe and the jalopeno peppers are thriving. The photograph to the right is another healthy green pepper plant that is potted and growing up on the deck; it's doing wonderfully well and it won't be too long before we can enjoy a few of these cooked up on the grill. I can almost take them now, LOL! Sauted in some fresh minced garlic butter with a Vahdahlia onion and a T-bone steak!  Other herbs growing in the garden include: Lemon Balm - amazing in fish, chicken, and teas; fresh Rosemary - excellent on minced garlic and onion potatoes, chicken, and fish; Garlic Chives --- amazingly fresh and delishous to add to baked potatoe, potatoe and egg dishes, and to season cream cheese; of course, I planted Cilantro this year... wonderful in soups, tomatoe dishes, guacamole... and I'm looking forward to some homemade salsa!;  Italian oregana... is a garden must-plant herb, especially for the tomato/pasta dishes, esp. chilled! The flavor of the oregano really comes out. And last, but never the least, some Sweet Basil.... a great accent to any cuts of beef grilled outside, goes well with the italian oregano in tomatoe/pasta dishes.

And while the rosebushes re-coupe their blooms  that were shed during the recent rains, the watergarden flowers are thriving and continuing to bloom. I thank God for the annual petunias that continue to display their show of support, they remind me that God's in control and  that everything's right where its meant to be! I may not have gotten all that I desired accomplished these past few weeks, but I've enjoyed the time and the love that I've spent with my family and there's nothing better than working with my husband hanging out and making our house a home!

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