Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I meandered and puttered about in the garden earlier this evening, placing some of the new garden purchases, thinking about all the work I've yet to do to actually establish the flower beds. There's still things to be done, tilling to do, sod to remove, adding potting soil, a small amount of planting, and mulching, but for now, I'm just savoring these small accomplishments and creating more special moments.


  As I'm entering the flower garden area I'm currently in the process of establishing, my mind envisions a mulched pathway with stepping stones between the water garden and placed in front of the garden bench, although they won't actually lead to anywhere else.

I paused to enjoy the lower level of the watergarden filled with hosta, lillyturfs, and those beautiful pink an white petunias.

I established a home for an angel at the base of the double-pink Radtkopink knock-out rose and added a welcome sign.

I sat on the garden bench and listened to the songs of the songbirds and I played arranging the garden decor and snapping photographs. I enjoyed every minute of it!

I spied another angel among the roses...
and stood there, breathing in deeply the rose-scented air, Thanking God and counting my blessings for all that he has certainly blessed me with.

I admired the pink and clear flower petal votives and the small pink votive candle that I purchased at a resale store that was sending all their proceeds to help Haiti. I love my $1 accent and who doesn't love candlelight in a garden?

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