Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dreaming & designing a new potting bench...

I've always dreamed of one day owning a potting bench. A bench that would allow me to putter and plant the day away... and provide a place to store some of my flower pots and some of my garden decor and small tools. So recently, while I was digging around in our attic storage, I remember this old Jenny Lynn changing table that I had picked up from the side of the road. Realizing it is the perfect height for a potting bench, I gave it a good washing, and starting painting it white! I decided since I'm just going to "dirty it up" anyways there was no sense really to go through all the sanding and priming; although I did use an exterior paint since it will mainly be stored outdoors during the Spring and Summer months. The previous two bottom shelves are missing from this table so I figured I could purchase some treated lumber deckboards cut to the exact width, paint them to add some color, and attach! For, now as I work to finish this project, I simply look forward to it changing through the seasons along with me and the flowers in the garden.

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