Monday, July 05, 2010

A new angel...

While the roses are busy establishing their roots and rejuvenating their blooms after a dry, humid period followed the previous June rains, I thought I'd capture a photograph of the petunias, along with my newest garden angel I purchased. The petunias seem to really love this new bed at the foot of the watergarden where they share their home with a hosta and several lilytufts; some of the annual Angelonia also assist to fill this bed. I've never had petunias grow so big nor the vines so long before but then, I've never directly sowed them into the soil before either, mostly saving them for containers for the porch and deck. These petunias have to be every bit of 14"-16" in height and the blooms are big, pink, and plentiful! Beautiful to look at or to sit contently nearby while daydreaming and watching the clouds pass by in the reflection of the water basin below.

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