Monday, July 19, 2010

Establishing the new bed...

I transplanted and divided the hosta and lilytufts out of the watergarden bed today. The petunias and angelonia were simply taking it over and so needed the room to continue to bloom. So,  I also decided to removed the limelight coleus out of the header bed; since this guy is actually a shade loving plant that tolerates the full sun. I believe it will do so much better here in the newly established bed, so I planted it into the freshly dug garden bed along the west side of our house. This area changes from fully shaded in early morning, to full sun in early afternoon, back to full shade early into the evening, so it will be interesting to note which plants will thrive here and which won't. Some of additional plantings include a temporary home for a Chicago Lustre Viburuim, mainly due to size ~ and this plant is supposed to love moist, wet soil in dappled shade, so I'll be transplanting it again later in the fall. Hubby has given his approval of testing the waters and seeing how well it will thrive in our low lying wetland style area out in the rear of our acre; there's not much there of interest but the groundhogs seem to like it. I on the other hand am thankful for his approval as those beautiful blooms will be so very beautiful along with the roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. I also added in  two small evergreen shrubs ~ Densiformis Taxus. They will grow to be small shrubs and can be pruned to retain their shape. I'd love to allow them to stay shorter, rounder fuller so that I prune them into some big puffy hearts. Perfect for my garden, which I so love!  Together these plants add a nice little informal border, of course, I've since added a few little garden stakes and decorative features like a chair and a small patio table for a quiet place to sit and relax while here in the side yard. Doesn't every outside area need somewhere you can sit, if even briefly for a moment, to collect your thoughts and wipe the sweat from your brow. Well, that's what I discovered while working in the mid-summer July heat! I also tucked the plastic birdbath into the corner, although it's a little hard to disguish what exactly it is in this photograph, and underneath it lies the softest little area of green moss. I know because I just had to kick off my garden shoes and stand there allowing the soft, gentle coolness of the earth massage my tired feet after all that digging! Speaking of digging, I think I might just know of a few little treasures that just may look mighty good residing in those flowerbeds there.

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