Monday, July 19, 2010

Mid-Summer blooms...

These aren't grandma's petunias growing in pots and scattered everywhere her garden, but they are scattered throughout the lower level of our watergarden bed. Mixed with softer pink flowery petals of the angelonia, it serves to softens the bed into one giant sea of luscious pink and white color that is absolutely breath-taking!

Crowded among the two lies a lone hosta and pair of lilytufts. Can you believe they've survived here, shaded from the hot, humid, heat of the summer sun by the petunias and the angelonias? I think it is rather unbelievable and that I'm actually tempting fate, so later today, I'll be digging the hosta and lilytuft out and providing it with a new home in the foundation bed that runs the length of our home on the west side. There's a mix of shade, sun, and dappled sunlight so I'm certain that they will love it there... at least, I'm certainly hopeful so!

 A shot from the top of the bed in the opposite direction, looking down into the reflecting pool where the angels lie in wait, the petunias have grown out of the soil and now hang precariously over the water basin below. The petunias are thick and fill up a good portion of this bed all by themselves, while a few well-placed angelonias accompany them, glittering and glistening, softly, and silently, in the morning sunlight.

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