Monday, July 26, 2010

A Patio/Courtyard {of sorts}

The table and chairs have been a God's send the past couple of days, providing us a quiet place to rest and enjoy a nice, refreshing cold drink after working here and there throughout the gardens and yard, especially while we were prunning and trimming all those evergreen trees! Which I'm still not to certain that I'm finished with just yet... as they may just get a much trim. Anyways, I brought the wicker drum-style table up from the yard and placed it here in our sort of newly-established patio-courtyard, aka "planting/potting/refilling birdfeeder's station".

The changing seasons potting bench has also been added to this area, providing me a wonderful place to fill the birdfeeder's in the mornings. They remind me to provide fresh water to the birdbath, provide the pots a good long thirsty plant drink, to check on the new plantings in the foundation beds, before I wander off to the watergarden and begin the daily chore of deadheading the petunias there.

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