Monday, July 26, 2010

The side yard entryway into the previously shown patio/courtyard area..

The newly established bed is continuing to thrive, although, I've probably been watching too closely, if there is such a thing. I couldn't help but notice the Magnolia seems to be loving it here and the poor girl hasn't even been taken outta the pot! Hmmm...  and something else I noticed is one of the lilytufts took to this new bed like a fish to water, while the other two, well, they aren't looking as "healthy". I believe the difference is in the amount of shade/sunlight that each of these plants receive everyday. The "thriver" lilytuft is at the very end of this bed, while her companions are planted almost mid-way, where they receive a lot more sun during the afternoon and the heat of the day. I suspect that I'll be uprooting and re-locating this two very soon. May as well do it while I have the shovel out for the Magnolia tree, right?

In other news, there's a reason I wanted to show you this area of the sideyard and the garden's actual entrance way. Do you see it yet? It's there! Just waiting to be discovered...

It's one day going to be an actual "Garden Gate!"
Yep! Right there, smack dab behind the little table and chair.
Don and I took a look at the fence and the fence posts and we see no reason whatsoever why we couldn't unscrew one section of this fence so that we cut the three crossboards to create the actual "gate" using the existing fence and some hinges we have on hand.

I'm loving this idea! Because it now creates a new traffic pattern coming in from the front of the fence vs. the "we need more fence" area that's standing wide open just to the right in this picture. Also, that "wide open" posts allow for even more possibilities, put me in heaven. I instantly began seeing two 4' high sections of fencing allowing us view of our driveway from our living room. I'm thinking a long overhead arbor overhead with some climbing plants should help frame the view. :) Of course, all these wonderful ideas are all put on hold and on the one day list... but ya know what? We're getting it there! :)

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