Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh, mid-August... what can I say, except perhaps, it's been hot, hot, hot! 90 degrees temps., factor in the heat index and the humidity and some days it feels we're being cooked on a slow boil! As far as the garden goes it's been consistantly tackling the weeding and deadheading either in the morning or in the evening because during the day, it's been far too hot to be truly comfortable. In the early mornings, I like to water like crazy! The flowers, though, certainly don't seem to mind... there's been plenty of blooming flowers in the gardens.

While I was inside, {spending my time in the air conditioning!}, my mind was stuck in the garden. Isn't every gardeners??? Always, thinking, wondering, envisioning, planning...... well, I certainly seem to be, so I gave some thoughts to recent garden choices and decisions to be made. I decided to forgo a late summer/early fall planting in the vegetable garden so that I can rip it out early this year, treat and remove all the weeds, hopefully, condition the soil and tarp in preparation of late fall, winter, and spring. I've also been reading and doing a lot of research and consideration to going with raised beds in the vegetables garden, just for a more formal look, and the ease of tackling the weeds, tending to the veggies.

Totally, unplanned, was the purchase of this Pee Gee "Unique" Hydrange tree! Isn't it gorgeous?! Sort of bored this hot afternoon, Don and I decided to venture out to Menard's garden center and when we spotted this for 30%........ well, {the rest they say "is history"}

Looks like a good place to me..... sunny, slighty-acidic well-drained soil, plenty of room to grow up without interference or interfering with anything, and what a wonderful compliment to the two rose bushes who neighbor nearby {there's plenty of room for both rosebushes and the hydrangea to grow and blosssom!}

 And after planting..... don't you just love it when you add something to your garden
and it just looks back at you and says, "I was meant to be."
I do. {Sigh.}

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